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Fountains require continuous care.

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  Roman Fountain 60 & Plinth - Cut Limestone Bowl, LS 9247.

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Fountains require continuous care.


  Hinsdale 24 Planter & Bungalow Pedestal 10, LS 6517 as a fountain. Over time, nature has given this planter its antique patina.

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  Shawnee 19 Planter, LS 9107, as part of
an overall fountain design.
  Tiffany Fountain & Bubbler, LS 9258 and Pool Surround 6 Feet, LS 9244 with Antique Wash LS 0011.

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  Oxmoor 36 Fountain 4 Spout - Low Volume, LS 9254 on Classic Pedestal 34 Base, LS 1066
with Pool Surround 6 Feet, LS 9244.

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  Prairie Planter 36 & Base 26, LS 9052
and Prairie Planter 24, LS 9043 incorporated in a fountain and pool design.
  Prairie 48 Planter without Base, LS 9411, modified and used as a fountain with copper spouts installed
by Greg Hebert Landscape Architect, San Diego, California.

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Riverside 45 Bowl & Base, LS 9300
as a self-contained fountain
on Prairie Pedestal 24 - Plain, LS 1070.
  Shawnee 19 Planter, LS 9107
as a self-contained fountain.

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Garber Prairie Planter, LS 9050
on Washington 42 Pedestal Block, LS 8268
as a fountain, has developed a natural patina of its own.

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Please be aware that fountains require meticulous attention to detail.

Most of the brilliant fountains created in the USA during the Golden
Age of American Gardens, 1890 to 1940, were eventually taken out
or turned into planters because maintenance became too burdensome.

Please keep maintenance in mind when designing a fountain. We
suggest seeking the advice of an experienced Fountain Specialist.
The mechanical and technical aspects of a fountain require a broad
knowledge of hydraulics and of biological control.

To avoid designing a fountain that becomes a burden to its owner, the
following should be addressed as part of the fountain design process.

  Tivoli 45 Urn, LS 9241, as a fountain
with Minoan Wash, LS 0021.


~ splash control

~ wind effect

~ safety

~ pump selection

~ plumbing

~ water level

~ water chemistry and pH balance

~ sealant and sealant maintenance

~ erosion prevention

~ lime-bloom prevention

~ spall prevention

~ winter care

  Installation of the Tivoli 45 Urn, tilted and used as a fountain
by Ralph Ruby Landscape, Pharr, Texas.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure.

Fountains require continuous care.

LIME-BLOOM is a sign that the sealant has
broken down and should be reapplied after a
thorough cleaning.

EROSION is a sign that volume of water is too great and that the sealant has broken down.

STAINING is a sign of chemical, biological or pH imbalance in the water.




If lime-bloom is unacceptable to your client, do not allow the fountain to look like this before draining, cleaning and resealing.  

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Fountains do not have to be perfect or pristine. Fountains must function.

Imperfect ancient fountains in Italy show staining, cracking, mosses, dirty water, leaking and repairs

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